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Internationalization and Localization Testing

Course Description
This course focuses on the quality control of internationalized software. It presents specific testing guidelines and tools needed. In particular, it addresses the important aid of pseudo-localization and resource string expansion as a early quality check in the development process.

Audience: The course is designed for Technical management and Test teams.

Duration: The course is approximately 4 hours in duration.

The course has the following prerequisites:
  • Globalization Basics

    1. Internationalization testing guidelines: a. Testing environment, b. Pseudo-localization (Martianizing), c. Resource String Expansion Guidelines, d. Locale selection, e. Locale sensitive functions (e.g. collation), f. Input, processing and output of locale specific text, g. Locale specific operating environments and browsers, h. Third party components in product
    2. Localization testing guidelines: a. Testing environment, b. Linguistic testing, c. Technical testing, i. Correct locale settings, ii. Locale sensitive functions such as collation, iii. Input, processing and output of locale specific text, iv. User interface issues
    3. Question & Answer



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