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Our Process

eTranslate employs a proven methodology in delivery a timely and quality project.
Upon receiving a client commitment to a project, our team will perform the following steps:

  • We will assign a project manager to manage the translation process.
  • Our project manager will receive the source files and perform brief analysis to ensure all pre-requisites for the project have been met.
  • We will appraise the content and compile a list of terms or references that may need clarification. This is necessary to ensure we deliver a quality translation.
  • Once terms are clarified and contents are finalised, translation will begin immediately. This is followed by review and quality control process. (See Translation Process).
  • Once translation and review project is complete, the translation is desktop or Web published using our state of the art facilities. The publishing team will ensure that the client’s branding is preserve while cultural issues are addressed in the layout of presentations.
  • The completed product will be passed through a testing team who will seek verification from the community or overseas audience to ensure it achieve high user acceptance.
  • After delivery of the product to our client, eTranslate will prepare a recommendation on how to maintain the translations to ensure it can easily be kept up to date at minimum cost.



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