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The Challenge
As a member of your corporate communication team, you would appreciate the amount of effort and the resources involved in any multicultural communication or campaign. eTranslate is not just another multicultural consulting, research or communication services firm, but an outfit, which utilises contemporary language technologies to reduce the cost of translation, streamlines the process of multicultural communication and extend the reach of our clients to their targeted multicultural audience. This in turns gives them a higher return on their investment and enables them to target more multicultural group and with more content for the same budget they had.

eTranslate Solution
eTranslate is a multicultural communication and multicultural IT specialists, which provides innovative ways for our clients to conduct their multicultural campaigns utilising the emerging media like Internet and mobile phones.

eTranslate assists by delivering a range of cost effective multicultural communication services that include:

Community and Market Research, Multicultural Communication Strategies, Rapid Response Translations, Ethnic Media Campaigns management, Print Management, Multicultural Online Communication Strategies and interactive feedback management.

How it works
There are over 2 million online users that live in ethnic households. Some mainstream providers may have yet to appreciate that there are so many multicultural online users. This is because they have yet to deploy a proper multicultural online presence and make themselves visible on the multicultural Internet.

Given that your organisation may have invested considerably in multicultural communication, it is worth considering other methods and tools available to extend your reach and achieve higher return on your investment. The multicultural Internet is an effective medium for organisations to publishing language information. Provide it is done properly; it will enable wider reach and for the first time engages your multicultural audience using multilingual feedback forms.

For example, non-English speaking users can use multilingual feedback forms to post queries, which can be reflected back into English for your team to respond.

The benefits are numerous including savings in printing and brochure distribution costs, extending reach to country Australia and remote regions while reducing the cost of content translation and publishing (publishing a Web page is cheaper than publishing a brochure and easier to update). Users can still print information from the Web site and distribute to their peers.

The Web site can be permanent and will still be accessible after brochure distribution and promotion campaigns are over.

The technology for multilingual Web publishing has matured and you can publish native language information in real native language text and enable users to find your Web site when they search the Web in their own languages.

We can assist you in realising the potential of the multicultural Internet by,

  • assisting you in building your multilingual Web sites
  • providing assistance to your Web team to ensure they have the technical pre-requisites to publishing multilingual Web content
  • assisting in converting your existing translated materials for Web presentation
  • assisting in developing multilingual feedback mechanism to achieve your desired functions
  • providing native user testing services to full test the site for cross cultural accessibility
  • assisting you to engineer unique language search keywords and registering your Web site in different language search engines
  • and providing on-going support.

eTranslate addresses over 80 cultures in 120 languages. We can deliver communication campaigns on a number of media including print, ethnic newspaper, radio, TV, Internet and even multicultural SMS messages.

Some of our clients include:
Sydney Olympics: www.gamesinfo.com.au
Tourism NSW: www.sydneyaustralia.com
Tourism Victoria: www.visitmelbourne.com
University of Sydney: www.usyd.edu.au/international
Department of Immigration: www.immi.gov.au/settlement

eTranslate was involved jointly with NOIE in the development of Australia's first multicultural portal www.multiculturalaustralia.com.au.

Timeframe and Cost depend upon the amount of the work. However, our team will analyse your needs and customise a solution that meets your requirements and budget.

Our clients enjoys many business benefits including:

  1. Lower cost of development, with the same budget they are able to cater for more language and content
  2. Increase reach to multicultural audience including those in rural areas and
  3. For the first time, the ability to get active feedback from their campaigns
Sample Works
Marine Safety of Victoria - development of a 9 language Marine Safety Handbook including interactive multilingual test www.marinesafety.vic.gov.au

Department of Immigration - development and maintenance of a 20 language Settlement Toolkit

Multicultural Health NSW - development of a 10 language HIV/HepC prevention program www.multiculturalHivhepc.net

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