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Solution for International Companies to deploy World Wide sites

The Challenge
As the individual in charge of these sites, you would appreciate the high cost in translating content, the importance of having localised and cultural attuned translation, the tedious work involves in integrating the translation to produce language pages, the challenge of ensuring the sites meet overseas standards and challenges in identifying impact to the language text when changes are made on the language text. Furthermore, as your regional operations demand more from regional sites, you may need to define a model where they can fulfil some of their needs themselves by updating their own content.

These are what our solution addresses and it is also the proven model used by many international companies worldwide.

eTranslate Solution
eTranslate is an eBusiness globalization specialists that empowers organisation with technological and language solutions to deploy cost effective worldwide sites and respond rapidly to in country market needs.

We helped over 200 international companies to deploy and maintain their worldwide (regional) sites. These includes Qantas (www.qantas.com.au/info/worldwide), Sydney Olympics (www.gamesinfo.com.au), Adobe Systems (www.adobe.com) and Tourism Victoria (www.visitmelbourne.com).

In all these projects, we have employed a proven model for deploying cost effective language sites, that are easy to update (like daily news articles), compatible with overseas browsers and platforms, allows central control by headquarters while giving regional office the options of editing their own content and the sites are optimised for language search engines.

Enabling cost effective World Wide Sites
Our solution centres on the use of a Translation Management System (Translation Management System) dedicated to the management of regional sites and provide the extended workflow to facilitate the process of source
English text creation, translation, review, approval and publishing.

The Translation Management System is not machine translation, but provides the infrastructure that streamlines the process of deploying and updating language sites, allows content manager to designate which content to be translated, notifies translators to logon online and submit translation via the translation console, allows regional office to review and edit the translation and enable the content manager or the regional office to schedule the translation to go Live.

The Translation Management System offer many benefits and possibilities including:

  1. Removes the need to handle language text and create language pages, because the system accepts translation directly online and present the pages as data driven pages
  2. Identifies the impact to language text from changes in th English text and allow the translators to only translate the effected text
  3. Enables rapid deployment of daily updates and news. The content manager only needs to flag the text for translation, the system notifies the translator and the translator logs in and does the translation
  4. Enables regional office to manage their own site. The system provides remote authoring tools for regional office to log in and update their own content or to add new content

The Translation Management System works with any content management system or on its own dedicated to managing just the regional sites.

How can eTranslate solution assist you with your world wide sites?

  1. Provide a solution for cost effective method of deployment and updates of your language content. The use of Translation Management System or some other variants of our solution to assist in tracking changes reduce deployment time and engage translators more effectively.
  2. We can provide on-going translation services. Our cost is usually 30% less than the commercial rates and we can offer other languages that your current translation vendor may not address. eTranslate addresses over 80 cultures in 120 languages with a pool of 5000 translators worldwide.
  3. Performing testing verification of the sites in terms of cross boarder useability, cultural issues and international browser compatibility. We have a professional testing team dedicated to reviewing sites that meets international standards. Please visit the Qantas sites as an example.
  4. Promote your language Web site into international language search engines, we can optimise the pages for language search engines visibility and maintain good ranking
  5. finally, provide on-going language support in your expanding global marketing activities.

eTranslates offers proven solutions and a wide range of services to address your needs as the regional site grows. We offer lower cost then our US or UK counterpart. We offer dedicated project manager to address your on-going needs. Finally our pricing is extremely competitive and our policy is to add value to our client objectives.

Sample Works
Qantas Airways - development of 22 regional web sites for Qantas Airways www.qantas.com.au/info/worldwide
Sydney Olympics - development and maintenance of a 20 language Settlement Toolkit www.immi.gov.au/settlement
Tourism Victoria - development of a 10 language HIV/HepC prevention program www.visitmelbourne.com

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