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Solution for Software Developers to localise and market their software

The Challenge
Software Localization is a complex process. One should not view it as document or Web site translation exercise. A software vendor seeking to localise its products for overseas market needs to make a number of considerations. These include:

  1. Ensure the software source code has support for multilingual character set
  2. Ensure the interface is cultural adapted to reflect cross board useability and cross cultural issues
  3. Ensure the software has strings and text separated for translation
  4. Ensure that the translation is culturally attuned to your target market
  5. Ensure that once the translation is integrated to the software, subsequent software release can also make use of the translation
  6. Ensure the translation support undergoes extensive testing including testing on overseas IT platforms.

Unless, you have a proven methodology, translation of your software can lead to many pitfalls.

eTranslate Solution
eTranslate is a Software internationalization and eBusiness Globalization company. We specialise in empowering organisations to internationalise their products and reach out to secure overseas customers. We provided services to a number of organisations including Adobe Systems, IBM (Lotus), MultiEmedia and many other companies to globalise their software and marketing their product overseas.

We service as a Localization Partner to software vendor seeking to translate their product and promote it overseas. We employ a proven methodology, which address the essentials for a successful software localization and ensure pitfalls are voided.

Our methodology entails the followings steps:

  1. Preparing the software for software localization - we can provide engineering consultancy to advise you on how to best internationalise the source code in preparation for translation or we can provide engineering.
  2. Resources to complete the internationalization task.
  3. Translate the software into selected languages - using in-country language expertise.
  4. Comprehensively test and quality assured the translated software
  5. Translate online help and documentation into selected languages
  6. Conduct offshore user testing and
  7. Package the translated software for overseas markets

Once we have delivered the product to you, we can assist you in marketing it overseas by producing language marketing materials on your Web site and registering in language search engines to attract overseas traffic and interests. Our international online marketing services include:

  1. Writing language marketing content
  2. Multilingual Web publishing
  3. Language Search Engine Submission - online submission
  4. Multilingual Email Helpdesk and support for e-commerce
  5. Multi-currency payment gateway
  6. Multilingual URL registration
  7. Local market research

Our clients enjoy many benefits in using our solutions. These include:

  1. Lower cost of development
  2. Lower cost of updates
  3. Ability to use translation in subsequent upgrades of software
  4. Ability to use to promote produce overseas and
  5. Most important access to a eTranslate who will provide support to their business activities

Sample Works
Adobe System - localization of graphic software application and maintenance of the Asian language sites www.adobe.com
Microsoft - translation of the software utilities and Web site information www.microsoft.com

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