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Solution for Export & Tourism Businesses

The Challenge
The Internet opens up new markets and audience, which many export and tourism businesses want to target. However, with little resource, limited IT capability and no language support, most operators find it hard to reach out and secure overseas customers.

eTranslate Solution
eTranslate's combined IT, language and emarketing expertise allows us to develop unique solutions for tourism and export business to use the Internet to reach out and secure overseas customers. This involve the development of a multilingual Web site showing the business and its product offerings, provide a multilingual feedback mechanism and promote the site on language search engines to attract overseas customers.

How it works
Our consultants will consult with you on your business needs and follow a proven process, which delivers a cost effective international sales and marketing platform. The process involves the following steps:

    1) Review your branding and adapt it for overseas audience taking into consideration the cultural issues and overseas market demands

    2) Development a new multilingual Web site or translation your existing Web site to develop the international variants

    3) Install multilingual feedback mechanism, which can serve as multilingual ordering function, online booking or online feedback feature. The mechanism takes input in selected languages and translate it back into English for processes

    4) Once the language sites are complete, we will promote the site on language search engines to attract overseas visitors.
The solution has been proven in over 2000 projects including Lifetime Health, Warner Brothers Movie World and many others.

Timeframe and Cost depend upon the amount of the work. We have packages that starts from AUD$2,000.

Our Tourism and Export clients have enjoyed many benefits from our solution including:
  • Low cost of development and maintenance
  • Instant access to overseas markets

Sample Works
LifeTimeHealth – development and promotion of a multilingual health food e-Commerce site www.lifetimehealth.com

Gap Buster – development and maintenance of a multilingual consultancy service Web site www.gapbuster.com

Movie World – development and promotion of Warner Bros Movie World multilingual sites www.movieworld.com

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