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eTranslate is an organization that empowers organisation with the total technology, language and marketing solution to develop cost effective World Wide Sites that succeed in reaching out and securing international audience.

More than 50% of the Internet users are non-English speaking. In order to be gain competitive edge and secure global business, it is important to localize your web site by creating the World Wide Sites.


Deployment and maintenance of your regional Web sites can be costly and if it is not well plan. Imagine if you had to deploy multiple language sites, you will need to deal with a vendor in each country, each site does not necessary adhere to your corporate look and feel, the initial deployment cost varies and updating the contact can be a logistic nightmare.

Deploying World Wide Sites require a combination of technologies and language expertise to ensure a successful outcome. This is where eTranslate World Wide Web site solution comes in.


eTranslate combines the latest technology and web site globalization services to help small, medium and large company to deploy their WWS. Below are the services that eTranslate provides to deploy WWS and the technologies used for the deployment of WWS.


Web Content Translation

2) Multilingual Web site Development
3) International Domain Name Registration
4) International Web Promotion
5) Off Shore Hosting Services
6) On-Going Language and Other Services Support

Multilingual Content Management System – Meridium

2) Translation Management System
3) Web Traffic Analysis and Reporting Tools
4) Electronic Newsletter Management and Dissemination

Business Applications

Online Store– Lifetime Health (www.lifetimehealth.com)is an online store selling health products and they promote their products to various Asian markets. eTranslate assisted Lifetime Health in content translation, multilingual web site development, international web promotion and on-going language support.

Tourism - Victorian Tourism Online (VTO) (www.visitmelbourne.com) was created as an online subsidiary of Tourism Victoria. VTO needed to deploy a platform for them to deploy international language variant sites to support each of their overseas marketing effort. They need a capability to publish multilingual content that meats international marketing standards in a rapid response fashion that meet their active marketing campaigns. eTranslate assisted deploying a Multilingual Content Management System, Content Translation, International online Promotion and on-going language support.

Airlines - Qantas Airline (www.qantas.com.au) finds that it is time for multilingual web sites for their offices in the world. They needed a multilingual expertise to present their air-fare promotions that best fit to the relevant countries in their own language(s). eTranslate deploys a Translation Management System for streamlining the translation and web management process. Beside eTranslate assisted them in content translation in 22 languages, multilingual web site development, international domain registration, international web promotion and on-going translation support.


By engaging eTranslate professional language(s) services, you will:

  • Obtain professional content translation that caters to the culture of the targeted audience/countries.
  • Own multilingual marketing materials for online International audiences to access.
  • Reaching your branding to both English and non-English speaking audience.
  • Promote, target and secure international audience by relating your product offerings in their own language(s) as well as via language search engines.
  • Receive eTranslate on-going language support and
  • Achieve an excellent communication output.


eTranslate provides tailored solutions for small, medium and large companies. We believe every company is unique and provide cost effective solutions that fits your budget as well as business needs.


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Content Translation
eTranslate will assist you in prepare your content for translation. We have accredited translator around the globe and address up to 120 languages. We use native language speaking translator for translation and all translation will be review by another accredited translator for quality assurance. All our translation goes through a 3 point check quality assurance process.

Multilingual Website Development
Translated language content will be converted into static HTML format or import the translation into the database for database driven website. The website will be culturally adapted to the target audience while maintaining the corporate branding. For those that requires a Content Management System the has multilingual support, eTranslate can provide our Meridium CMS.

International Web Promotion
After deploying the WWS, it is important that it is visible to search engines to drive more international traffic. Why search engine visibility is important? Search engine is the main tools for international online users to utilize to search for information. eTranslate will assist in optimizing the WWS and register with English as well as native language search engines to create the website visibility. - More Information

International Domain Name Registration
As the organization expands its online presence globally, it may need to secure its brand name in each local market through local domain name registration. eTranslate can provide comprehensive services to secure and manage your local domain names. Many countries may require local contact addresses and phone numbers. We will provide all these pre-requisites, secure the domain name and transfer them back to you.

Off Shore Hosting Services
For international companies with regional or worldwide Web sites, offshore hosting offers high performance hosting, local support and ensuring the regional site meets local legal requirements. International companies are able to deliver fast high performance Web site, responsive online services and full user experience without being hindered by unpredictable data transfer from headquarter hosting server via international Internet backbones. - More Information

On-Going Language and Other Services Support
eTranslate will provide on-going translation work for future website updates at a very competitive pricing. Some other ongoing services that we provides are e-mail translation, web content updates and translating other marketing materials such as brochure as well as interactive presentation material (flash or CD-Rom)


Web Traffic Analysis and Reporting tools
To measure the ROI, it is very important comprehensive traffic analysis and reporting tools are needed. eTranslate Web Traffic Analysis and Reporting tools help to gather accurate and reliable data on users online behavior on your website providing valuable information for future website improvements.

Electronic Newsletter Management and Dissemination
eTranslate delivers many innovative solutions that are designed to provide global reach to international audience. This includes our system for newsletter management and dissemination. Our system provides comprehensive report to determine the success of a electronic newsletter campaign. Will send this part to you later

Multilingual Content Management System – Meridium
eTranslate’s Multilingual Content Management System – Meridium is multilingual content management system designed to fast track the process of multilingual Web site development from the traditional static Web page approach and provides the essential tools to track and update the language content, reduce the complexity of handling multilingual text and reduce the overall cost of development. - More Information

Translation Management System - Merix
eTranslates offers its Translation Management Solution (TMS) which allows multilingual content site owners to track the impact of English content changes on language Web sites. The system keeps track of the content from all language websites and aids in identifying paragraphs in each language site that is affected by changes in English content. The TMS streamline the translation, review and language web publishing processes - More Information

>> Download TMS Whitepaper


Lifetime Health

Qantas Airways


Tourism Victoria

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